Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Bloomberg Businessweek Validates Our Supply Chain Prediction

 Back in January -- which, like so much of our time during the pandemic, seems like ages ago -- we issued our annual set of predictions. This year, among our predictions, we said that "We will all become more aware of supply chains."  

 There have been many other articles about supply chain issues -- like we're running low on semiconductors in part because of strong demand for cars and running low of sheetrock because of a rise in the number of renovations -- but Bloomberg Businessweek described what's going on as Fear of Running Out (FORO). 

It's worth checking out the Bloomberg article because this is likely to affect all of us. We have several new clients this year, and we've already been asking them how they will prepare for possible supply chain shortages. 

It's an issue that businesses need to prepare for because their suppliers may be already affected.

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