Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Daily Deal Changes to Bi-Weekly Deal

Just got an email that the print publication once known as the Daily Deal has fully shed the "Daily" part of its name. The Deal (the name under which is has been publishing for a while) is going bi-weekly (that means every two weeks for those confused with semi-weekly, which means twice a week).

The Deal could have said it was shifting to semi-monthly, which is twice a month, but perhaps monthly seemed like a long time period after once being daily.

A competing financial publication, FinancialWeek, is taking a different approach: still published weekly, it moved to an online-only model earlier in the month.

Clearly both financial magazines are being impacted by layoffs among their subscriber base as well as declining advertising.

No doubt both will survive -- with The Deal likely to shift to online-only -- but they won't be the last financial mags to make a shift this year.

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