Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Got Another Prediction Right

On Jan. 9, we issued a list of media predictions for 2009, mostly covering mainstream media's transition to online-only business model.

But we also made a prediction about Amazon's Kindle: that a new version should offer more colorful screens, easier ways to share articles to other users, even a text-to-speech or audio book option so you can throw your book in the car.

Well, Amazon just announced the 2.0 version of the Kindle, and among its features are an improved ability to share articles and text-to-speech.

We were optimistic about a color screen, so we're 2 for 3.

With longer battery lifer -- always an important feature in portable electronics -- the Kindle is looking better, and may beat our prediction of 2010 as the year that ebooks become mainstream. I think it will certainly well, but the $359 price during a recession may be steep for the average reader.

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