Wednesday, February 2, 2011

4 Lessons from Old Spice's Adman

Fortune's new design offers short profiles with some lessons learned. Not surprisingly, considering that we live in a How-To Age, in which everyone is looking for advice and tips, the best part of these articles are often the lessons learned.

Case in point: the Fortune profile of Iain Tait, the brains behind Old Spice's YouTube strategy.

Here are the bullet points:
  • Be ready for change.
  • Be malleable.
  • Learn to hustle.
  • Consume wildly.
I admit: on their own those bullets are not very enlightening, so check out the article itself. But Tait suggests looking for holes in your organization to fill, that shouting the loudest isn't the path to success and find different sources of information and inspiration from your colleagues.

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