Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fantasy Baseball -- a dream come true?

I know that Fantasy Baseball -- what academics might call Meta-baseball, despite the similarities to a so-called baseball team -- is very popular. There are lots of Fantasy Baseball sites. Thousands of players across the country paying companies regular fees to pretend they're managing a baseball team.

But I don't really understand its appeal. I thought playing pretend was something you stopped doing during childhood.

Apparently it appeals to the rapid fan for whom living vicariously through their favorite team is not enough.

I wonder: when looking at the results of their teams, do Fantasy Baseball managers chew virtual tobacco? If their team doesn't do well, do they virtually fire themselves? Do they have fantasy negotiations with virtual Scott Borases?

Now, as I watch the Boston Red Sox feeble ALCS series, I can certainly understand the appeal of Fantasy Baseball. Right now, I am imagining that the Sox are sweeping the Indians.

It's not really that satisfying a fantasy...since it looks like the Sox have basically given up.

For me, Fantasy Baseball would consist of my playing in the Major Leagues...though I can't decide if it's better to pretend I'm a hard-hitting outfielder or a hard-throwing pitcher.

Because I know I'm probably not ready for Fantasy Baseball, I've been looking into Fantasy Minor League Baseball...which consists of pretending to play for a major market team, traveling first class, and having actual fans -- and best of all, fantasy endorsement deals worth thousands of fantasy dollars. In my Fantasy Minor League Baseball, I also make it to the Majors after one season.

Right now, because I haven't looked for it, I think there's no competition in Fantasy Minor League Baseball, so I think I'm about to win the Fantasy Minor League Baseball World Series (a concept I'm now trade-marking). I can't wait for my Fantasy interviews on the morning shows, where I can say, "It's a great team of guys. We just focused on the day-to-day, but winning the Series is a dream come true."

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