Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Update on when a link is not a link

So I asked BusinessWire about these virtual links -- for example, they've got Forbes.com in the URL, but you can't find them when searching Google or using the Forbes.com search bar.

The response makes some sense but is not completely satisfying: "Business Wire posts a release to over 3500 web portals and databases. If someone signs up for an RSS feed or email alert through on of these sites, your clients release will be pushed to them if your clients release fits the users criteria. This is another great way to reach more people.

"The NewsTrak Posting report that you receive is intended to provide a quick snapshot of your release as available on key portals and news sites.

"In regards to Forbes.com, your release did post to Forbes even though it is not searchable. Public company releases are searchable. "

I guess that means we should have more public companies as clients.

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