Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forbes & Times Validate Prediction #5 by Writing about 3-D TV

Another day, another validation of our predictions. This time: Forbes, in an article, What's Better Than 3-D TV? 3-D TV And Beer! And the New York Times: The Pluses, and Oddities, of 3-D TV.

Last month, we issued a set of predictions that included top business story angles (available here). And very quickly, we're seeing those predictions validated by new reports and articles.

In its article, which appeared yesterday, Forbes took the approach that most others will take: That network TV is dead, and that the only way it can survive is to offer an experience not available from a laptop screen. (3-D TV also enables Hollywood studies to be able to sell the current slate of 3-D movies.) Or, here's how Forbes described the situation:

Paid-for television has precious few options when it comes to tackling the threat of video on the Web: grab more consumers by going online itself, come up with irresistible content you can't get anywhere but on the tube or entice them back to their TV sets with new technology so innovative they'll pay for it.

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