Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prediction #5: The Top Dozen Business & Technology Stories in 2010 Will Include...

Of course, there will be stories that we have not identified that could generate significant coverage in 2010. But based on what we know now, here's a list of some of the stories reporters are sure to be working on this year (though not necessarily in this order):
  1. The economy, including the recovery, the housing market, auto industry and the "new normal."
  2. The freelancing of the US workforce -- or how we'll all be contractors or "perma-temps" in the future (especially given the jobless nature of the recovery).
  3. Apple's iPad and the future of mobile computing and Apple's iPads vs. cellphones vs. Kindle and other e-readers.
  4. Cloud computing and virtualization -- and yes, we know: they're not the same thing.
  5. Health care reform.
  6. Regulations.
  7. Google vs. Apple vs. Microsoft and EMC vs. HP vs. Oracle.
  8. 3-D TVs.
  9. The state of the media, especially print media and advertising, online-only business models and online subscriptions.
  10. Twitter's business model.
  11. Location-based services and behavioral targeting by advertisers.
  12. Online privacy as social media, behavioral targeting, location-based services and hackers combine to make it easy for others to access personal information.
Please note: This is not to exclude other topics we've included in our 2010 predictions.

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