Monday, June 21, 2010

Does Radio Have a Future?

I was speaking to a friend, whose the host of a national radio program, and she said all they talk about -- they being the executives at her company -- is the future of radio. And whether there is a future for radio in an iPod world.

As it is, there's the MikeFM format, where they play random sets of music that seems to recreate someone's iPod playlist.

In my own experience, I saw (or heard) how my kids did not listen to radio. One of them used to ask me to turn off the radio (perhaps it was my choice of music).

Now, they ask me to turn on the radio as soon as I turn on the car. They're really into it now -- which may bode well for the future of radio. But they only like to listen when we're driving. (Is it so they don't have to talk with me?)

According to Vivian Schiller, president of NPR, radio has a future, and its evolving away from broadcast towers. And programmers need to make sure they're evolving how they deliver radio content. Check out an interview with her from the All Things D Conference, "Why Online Won't Kill the Radio Star; Vivian Schiller of NPR on how public radio can thrive in the digital age."

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