Saturday, August 1, 2009

Social Media Advertising: IDG launches new initiative

Social media is coming to the advertising world through a new initiative, IDG Amplify.

According to B-toBOnline, "IDG creates social media ad opportunities," the way it works is:

“An advertiser would run an ad on our site. It would look like a regular display ad, but it could say, "Question of the day. What do you want to see from a smart phone: option A or option B?' And the user could click on that and say, "I want to see option B.' ”

Without leaving the IDG site, visitors could join the conversation about either option A or option B.

What's interesting about this is the that it blurs the line between advertising and editorial, for example:

"The online conversations could also be started by editorial content. For instance, in an article about networks, a user could roll over a highlighted word—say, “routers”—and join in a conversation started by a question from Cisco Systems. However the conversation starts—either from editorial content or an online ad—the b-to-b marketer would pay a marketing fee to start this conversation."

This opens up new ways of working with IDG properties. Of course, we would recommend that organizations be transparent in posting content to articles that mention -- or should have mentioned -- their client or company.

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