Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Did an Unlikely Media Land Ahead of Forbes and BusinessWeek on a List of Top B2B Outlets?

Back in May (I’m playing catch up), BtoB Magazine presented its annual list of top media. Some of their picks are not surprising – like Wall Street Journal (1), (2), The Economist (3), Yahoo! (4), Forbes/ (7), and BusinessWeek (9).

My nine-year-old could’ve come up with that list (since he’s seen me read most of them or search for info on them).

But a re few are surprising, like TechTarget (6) and InformationWeek (10).

Please keep in mind: BtoB editors and reporters used “both objective and subjective criteria” in compiling their lists. “They evaluated data such as ad revenue and audience, and interviewed top media buyers, advertisers and industry analysts for their opinions on the most powerful and targeted b-to-b advertising venues” so these may not be the best outlets for every B2B client, but it’s a decent starting point.

As for why TechTarget scored higher than Forbes or BusinessWeek, here’s what BtoBOnline noted: “With the recession putting tremendous pressure on marketers to deliver ROI, “we've been focusing more than ever on helping advertisers prioritize leads and nurture them,” said Greg Strakosch, co-founder and CEO of TechTarget. “We're giving advertisers much more information about those leads so that they can take the proper actions and get revenue more quickly.”

TechTarget is also helping its customers get to know their IT customers better. “We've partnered with Google on research on how IT professionals use search and how their search habits change at different stages in the buying process,” he said. TechTarget held half a dozen regional meetings to disseminate the findings and produced two annual Online ROI summits for high-level technology marketers and agency people.


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