Friday, February 6, 2009

"Blue Book of Advertising" Has Some Good Ideas for PR

While the media & PR worlds are changing, The Little Blue Book of Advertising: 52 Small Ideas That Can Make a Big Difference provides some useful insight and tips -- whether you work in PR or advertising.

Written by agency veterans by Steve Lance & Jeff Woll, some of the ideas are not new for those who have been in the agency business for a while, but too often people forget them, like:
  • Be expert on the benefits of your client's product or service.
  • Know who your customers are.
  • Read what your customers reads, watch what they watch.
  • Quality is the absence of non/quality signals )like misspellings."
  • Attention spans will get shorter. Need to make the point/message shorter.
There are some good points on branding:
  • Know where you want to take the brand.
  • Map a clear route of how you'll take your brand to the destination.
    = make sure to communicate that map.
    = establish benchmarks against which progress will be made.
    =establish measures w/client/agency.
    = agree how to resolve issues.
    = establish criteria w/client.
The book is a quick read, and worth picking up as a refresher.

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