Friday, May 30, 2008

Pop Psych at Chicago Trib's "Pop Machine" Column -- what's the fuss?

In his "Pop Machine" column in the Chicago Tribune, Mark Caro wrote about Steven Spielberg and some movie that you may have heard about. The column was called "Indiana Jones and That Spielberg Ending," and the thesis is that "Almost every movie, no matter the genre, explores the same issue with a similar resolution: the repairing of the fractured family." It's available here.

I thought it was a decent column, and that his points were good ones.

Yet there were a lot of posts that seemed to think Caro's thesis was controversial and wrong.

I don't get the anger or fuss.

Sometimes I think that's what's wrong with blogging and commenting on other's blogs: it gives people the opportunity to rant, pointlessly.

You may consider this posting to be pointless, too.

On the other hand, it gives me the chance to mention Indiana Jones, and thereby may increase my visibility on Technorati.

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