Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No more free content -- NY Times' David Carr recommendations

The New York Times' David Carr wrote a very interesting column about the future of print journalism, "United, Newspapers May Stand."

Some of his ideas include:
  • No more free content.
  • No more free ride to aggregators.
  • Throw out the Newspaper Preservation Act.
Check out the article for more of Carr's insights.

Also check out "What is Bad for Newspapers Might be Good for the World...." by David Cohn, a journalist turned entrepreneur. Currently running spot.us a nonprofit to support indy journalists. In response to Carr's piece, Cohn writes that "I think we have LOTS to lose if newspapers go under. But I also think there is an inflated sense of self-worth" in articles such as Carr's. According to Cohn, "Yes - putting content online for free has caused economic problems for newspapers - but it has made mankind better:
  • How many people have been informed because newspaper content was made available online for free?
  • How many people made better decisions because they were engaged in online conversations - that reacted to newspaper content?
  • How many young people learned to appreciate high quality journalism because it was easy to access?
Again, check out Cohn's post, too.

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