Friday, June 11, 2010

GM Shifts into Reverse on Chevy

Turns out that GM realized it made a mistake in telling dealers and others to stop using Chevy instead of Chevrolet.

After all, GM uses Chevy on its website.

Check out "Backtracking, G.M. Says Please, Call It a Chevy" for more details.

Meanwhile, in another case of corporate reputation management, BP has asked the Twitter feed BPGlobalPR to "clarify that it was not an official outlet for BP news," according to a PC World article, "BP Tries to Distance Itself From Twitter Parody."

BPGlobalPR complied with BP's request.

But in so doing, demonstrated the reason PR functions must be careful in how they handle parodists and others. Here's BPGlobalPR's new description of itself: "We are not associated with Beyond Petroleum, the company that has been destroying the Gulf of Mexico for 51 days."

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