Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bloomberg to Publish Editorials -- Welcome to the Blogosphere, Mr. Mayor

Last month, the New York Times reported that Bloomberg, the news service, would start publishing an editorial page.

The article, "Bloomberg to Publish Editorials," also noted that Michael Bloomberg, New York City's Mayor and the founder of the news service, would have some input on the unsigned editorials.

Bloomberg is "accepting and embracing the privilege of a media mogul," a City University of NY professor told the Times, adding, "This is what we all do. We try to persuade the rest of the world we are right. Of course we don't have the vehicles to do so. The rich have the vehicles to do so."

Interesting point -- except that the rest of us do have some vehicle for offering up our opinions. It's called a blog. I guess one difference is that we don't all have access to printing our ideas in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. But the fact is we live not in the Information Age, but in the Opinion Age -- everyone has one and nearly everyone (including me, of course) is letting everyone else know!

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