Friday, May 27, 2011

Interesting Look at Oprah's Final Season

There was a time when it seemed as if nearly every potential client, even B2B companies, asked about getting onto "Oprah."

We did get a client onto the show. The producers saw a a More magazine article on aging women athletes, and produced a special segment that featured a customer of one of our clients.

That was great, and a bit lucky, too.

For all the interest among potential and actual clients, a challenge in getting onto the program wasn't just the stiff competition to get producers' attention. It's that the show evolved into covering celebrities, and single-themed shows that were not appropriate for technology.

Bloomgberg BusinessWeek ran a graphic that dissected Oprah's last season, and found the shows could be identified across eight categories:
  • Celebrity (84 shows)
  • Tragedies (23 shows)
  • On the Road (13 shows)
  • Self-help (12 shows)
  • Weird and wild (12 shows)
  • Looking Back (12 shows)
  • Self-Improvement Gurus (6 shows)
  • Oprah's Favorite Things (4 shows)
Perhaps the last season was skewed, but based on the breakout of topics, "Oprah" didn't present a lot of opportunities for tech clients. You can check out the original Bloomberg BusinessWeek article here.

Of course, these days, we still get queries about viral videos.

Ah well.

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