Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CES and Wall St. Journal Validates Our Prediction about the Internet of Things

In our annual set of predictions, we said that the Internet of Things -- Internet-connected devices -- will get attention in 2014. Check out our prediction here.

If there's a theme for this year's CES, it seems to be the Internet of Things. Check out this Wall St. Journal article: 'Internet of Things' in Reach; Companies Rush Into Devices Like Smart Door Locks, Appliances, but Limitations Exist and Smartwatches Pop Up All Over CES; Electronics Show Has New or Updated Devices From Pebble, Kreyos, Archos and Samsung.

Also the Journal validated our prediction about cybercrime: "Companies on Guard for New Legal Pitfalls;Cybercrime, Labor Rules, Financial Penalties Add to General Counsels' Concerns."

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