Monday, September 29, 2008

Entrepreneur Magazine Looks at 21 Ways to Get Noticed -- Not Sophisticated Enough

Entrepreneur Magazine is a good magazine, filled with useful tips. The Oct. issue contained an article that, for novices, provides some good marketing ideas.

But the article, "Get Noticed: Shine a spotlight on your business with our 21 low-cost marketing moves," does not provide information useful for entrepreneurs who have some marketing experience.

For example, no marketing how-to article would be complete without urging readers to blog. But blogging is not a shortcut. It takes time and commitment to do it right. And it can be difficult to measure ROI, much less than to find the time to write a blog.

However, I did like the idea to make employees a sales tool -- too many companies forget to do that.

Still, if you don't have much marketing experience, check out the article.

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