Monday, October 6, 2008

No One Covers the Travails of the Wealthy Like The NYT or Wall St. Journal? Last in a Long Series on This Blog

As readers of this blog know by now, both the New York Times and Wall St. Journal spend a lot of resources and ink on covering the super rich.

The latest examples:
So here's the deal: if you are working in marketing or PR, here's the lesson: Look for story angles or proof points that show something counter-intuitive about the super rich. It doesn't even have to be so counter-intuitive. For example: "The turmoil on Wall Street has not only taken down once-solid companies, it has cut into the wealth of some Americans whose fortunes were tied to those companies. So the wealthy — and many still are that, by most measures — are postponing big purchases."

Meanwhile, because the point has been made by now, I will stop counting Times or Journal articles that document how the downturn is impacting the super rich. I think we get it.

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