Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Trends Report Card, Part VII

Here's Part VII, our final set of grades of how we did with our 2012 predictions.  

Marketing Trends
1.     The press release will not die in 2012.  It did not die, even as some continue to say it will.  Grade: A.

2.     The role of CES will diminish next year. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) continues to be important but SXSW is beginning to eclipse it. Grade: B+.

3.     Social media will play a bigger role in the marketing mix for B2B companies. Based on articles and conversations with prospective clients, we were right about this. Grade: A.

4.     Reporting and metrics will continue to be important for marketing functions. This will be true in 2013, too. Grade: A.

Overall grade: B+/A-.

We'll issue our 2013 trends starting in tomorrow's post.

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