Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts on Thoughtcasting

N'Gai Croal had an interesting column in Newsweek, "Thoughtcasting: U R So Vain: Twitter and Tumblr make it so easy to publish whatever's on my mind, they started to seduce me into actually doing so."

He asks a question more of us -- including myself -- should ask: "Just because I can publish my every thought, does it mean that I should?"

He also asked his "followers" -- a grandiose and inaccurate term, I think -- about what sort of things are appropriate, and got the following responses:
  • "Things I would talk about on my blog."
  • "Anything I can be seen to be doing in public."
  • "Things that wouldn't disqualify me from running for public office."
  • "The Mom test ... would I want my mom seeing it or not."
"I'm still figuring out this thoughtcasting stuff," Croal writes, "but Mom and common sense sound like a good place to start."

I agree.

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