Monday, August 11, 2008

Conde Nast Portfolio Claims "Facebook Creeps Me Out"

In its current issue, Conde Nast Portfolio ran an interesting article by Simon Dumenco, "Facebook Creeps Me Out." The reasons include ever-changing definition of privacy and the unserious nature of the site.

Here are two key points:
  • Businesspeople often claim to use Facebook for vague “market research” purposes or to satisfy idle curiosity. But the social norms of social networking are still in flux, making privacy a real issue, says internet-marketing writer David Weinberger
  • Facebook is simply unserious—particularly given how it prompts hard-driving business executives to regress into adolescent vernacular. “Poking” people, requesting “friends,” writing on someone’s “wall”: It’s cute when you’re in high school or college. But in a corporate environment, it sounds disingenuous and downright silly.

Poking, friending, even following and nudging are not serious business terms.

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