Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do Social Networks & Video-sharing Sites Bring People Closer Together?

According to Web 2.0 evangelists, social networks bring people together. Twitter is about collaboration and communication, after all.

But I've been thinking that in the political arena, social media may actually hurt democracy because people can post all sorts of snarky comments because they never see the other people. I saw a lot of snarky comments on a Forbes blog about the Olympics & politics -- many were mean-spirited and were not in keeping with the tone of the original article.

The Economist recently ran an article that looks at the topic. Worth checking out: "The brave new world of e-hatred: Social networks and video-sharing sites don’t always bring people closer together."

For companies looking to do more with social media, what's important is to keep in mind that there are some dark alleys in the social media world, and that it's important to pay attention to what's being said, how it's being said before posting comments.


Jesse Greenberg said...

I agree that politics often times brings out some snarky and downright non-constructive comments. I think that's because politics is such a personal and passionate issue. I don't see the same type of social networking commenting on other issues.


Norman Birnbach said...

Unfortunately, I've seen snarky comments elsewhere, not just for political discussions -- although the ones I remember did involve politics. I just can't point to specifics; so I'll have to say, as Stephen Colbert does, it feels like the truth to me, and hope the truthiness of that statement hold up. Meanwhile, I like Jesse's blog, and suggest that those interested in this discussion should check out his blog at