Monday, January 26, 2009

2nd Prediction for 2009 Proves Correct: Magazine closings

According to the New York Times' Stephanie Clifford, "January has signified the death of at least 14 magazines, including Country Home, Arthur, Vital Source, Map Magazine and Teen."

The article, With Magazines Folding, One Finds a Surprising Bid, reports that the publisher of Hardcore Gamer tried selling his magazine on eBay for $42,000 -- and may have succeeded.

Meanwhile, on Jan. 9, we issued a series of predictions in which we predicted a difficult 2009 for magazines, including more secondary magazines closing this year. Seeing that 14 have either announced they are closing or have closed is a pretty tough way to start the year. That doesn't include the number of print magazines that have or will shift to an online-only model.

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